Episode 11: Meet Jenn Biestman, Waterwoman and Co-founder of Local-ish


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Today's conversation is taking us to Hawaii, on the island of Maui, where my guest was up before the chickens to talk to me, her name is Jenn Biestman.

Jenn's story is truly uplifting.

At the age of 27, Jenn suffered a severe back injury that left her immobilized and in pain with no real prospect of recovery. Basically, the doctors had made it clear that her life as an adventurous human being was doomed… In the turmoil of having to face this life-shattering news, she hobbled to the airport, and took off to Maui to try to figure things out.

I'll let Jenn do the storytelling in this episode:

Show Notes
In this conversation, Jenn shares her remarkable story of recovery and how she hacked her way into a balanced and enlightened lifestyle between Maui and Half Moon Bay. Of course, surfing and the ocean had an enormous part to play and you'll find out all about in the episode. But her recovery also spurred her to review her priorities.

In the process of this life-changing experience, Jenn and her fiancé Greg travelled a lot on surf trips. From country to country they were always humbled by the fact they were treated as family with open arms, and felt a sense of belonging as they were welcomed by the amazing people they met along the way. As if they were locals.

This experience percolated into the brand philosophy of Local-ish. Because, in an age when people are more likely to migrate to other places for their jobs, relationships or just life experience, it's really cool to feel like a local in a new place. To feel like a "local-ish" person in short.

Jenn's story is truly inspiring on many aspects: first the recovery, then the resetting of life priorities, the strategies to hack surfing progression, and finally the creation of an awesome brand that carries Jenn's values.

In this episode, you'll hear Jenn's story, who she was mentored by, how she hacked surfing progression to become an accomplished downwind SUP racer, surfer, and hydrofoil rider against all odds.
You'll find out what it takes to drop out of the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, and what strategies Jenn and her fiancé have put into place to work as a couple at Local-ish.

Also, after this conversation, you may be tempted to escape to Maui and try hydrofoiling ;)

Until next episode, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves!


To connect with Jenn, send her an email to jenn@livelocalish.com, as she said, she is happy to share her tips on recovery, surf progression and nutrition, so just whip up an email and send it to her.

About Local-ish:
Local-ish can be found online at www.localish.co. Jenn is offering a 20% discount to all listeners, so tune in to the episode to get the code (hint, you'll get it at the end 😉)…
Local-ish ships worldwide so just imagine a piece of Hawaii landing in your letterbox, it can't get more exotic than that!!!

Surf Coaches that Jenn was Mentored by

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