Episode 29: Meet Liv Hung, freelance marketer and co-founder of Noorish Tofino


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Liv is an accomplished marketing jedi: she operated a popular blog for many years, and is still a freelance marketer, but things changed radically as soon as she became a mum. A complicated pregnancy and the arrival of twins forced her to review her priorities and set herself up for living life a little differently.
Fast forward to today, Liv has created with a couple of associates from Dryft Watersports and Papaya Wellness, a new adventure experience: Noorish Tofino. Noorish proposes surf, yoga and adventure experiences for women in the beautiful Canadian rainforest and also around the world in idyllic places such as Morocco and Central America.
In this conversation we talk about Liv's story, she shares some really cool tips for freelancers, we discover what the term "dream making" means, we talk about passive houses, and of course, the inception of her new business venture : Noorish Tofino

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To get in touch with liv at Noorish Tofino, skip to www.noorishtofino.com, or their Instagram account @noorishtofino. Don't miss out on their photography retreat with Bryanna Bradley in September 2019.
Noorish Tofino Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/noorishtofino/
Papaya Wellness :http://papayawellness.com/
Dryft Watersports : https://dryftonline.com/
Bryanna Bradley : http://www.bryannabradley.ca/

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