Episode 30: Meet Alexandra Lia, founder of Soul Surfer and creator of Seatizens


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Almost an instant after having met, Alexandra and I were connected. In fact, just a few minutes in, we were both in tears on either side of our Skype screens and the outcome is a fascinating conversation about her journey and how her profession found Alexandra in a serendipitous way.

Alexandra's story is an odyssey of healing. Without spoiling the whole tale, Alexandra had an incredibly traumatic experience that sent her into a severe depression. Years after drifting from doctor to doctor and from medication to medication, her super open-minded parents introduced her to a Kahuna, a Hawaiian healer who took her under his wing . What followed was the introduction of surfing and healing through the ocean. The ocean's love brought wellness back into to her life and ultimately gave Alexandra a new purpose.

Parts of this conversation left me speechless and gave me goose pimples, but I chose to edit out as little as possible. It was really a mind blowing chat. It's a bit longer than the usual one hour format. I encourage you to take it at your own pace : that's the great thing about podcasts: you can come back to where you left them.

In this conversation we dive deep into Alexandra's story, the extraordinary healing powers of the ocean, we talk about the memory of water, we mention epigenetics, past lives, how ancestral heritage can actually be reversed and much more.

I would like to ask you to listen to this conversation with an open mind and an open heart because we are about to explore some very philosophical and possibly spiritual topics.

Alexandra is truly a beautiful person and has an amazing project with her Seatizens series.
To connect with Alexandra, you can skip to her website http://www.alexandralia.com or her Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/alia____/. Links to her meditation podcast and youtube videos are on the shownotes of your podcasting app, on theoceanriderspodcast.com and on the article I publish on Medium.com.
Thank you so much Alexandra for being an amazing guest and for sharing your story with so much grace and confidence.

Alexandra's website : http://alexandralia.com
Alexandra's instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/alia____/
Alexandra's meditation videos: https://www.alexandralia.com/meditation
Book : The Blue Mind
Professor Emoto : https://www.masaru-emoto.net/en/

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