Episode 53: Meet Peter Fabor- Founder of Surf Office and Dedicated Surfer


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Peter Fabor started out in surfing as a sport which eventually turned into a lifestyle. He makes sure that his travels and entrepreneurial ventures include surfing. He founded Surf Office, a one-stop-shop for anyone organizing company retreats. Along with this, his side hustles also include Surfpreneurs Club, a platform for passionate surfers with a burning entrepreneurial spirit. Nomad Landing which provides information for traveling remote workers like himself with free information before they move into another city, and Epic Monday which caters to coworking through prebuilt cozy turnkey cabins.

In this episode, we hear Peter’s amazing journey from his first surfing experience, to moving into the Canary Islands, to weaving his business and surfing together. Peter also talks about working remotely and the challenges it poses on brainstorming, teambuilding, and strategic planning. Peter’s services can be of great help as you adapt to the changes in your personal and business life. Listen in to today’s conversation and learn about ways you can leverage your surf business and cope with the challenges in a fun and exciting way!

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:07 From Sports to Lifestyle
  • 07:17 The Digital Nomad’s Life
  • 10:12 Surf Office
  • 14:25 How to Organize Successful Team-Building Retreats
  • 19:04 The Future of Work
  • 24:05 The Surfpreneurs Club
  • 31:33 Co-working Cabin
  • 36:20 A Very Memorable Surf Moment

Today I'm really stoked to introduce you to my guest the Oceanrider Peter Fabor. Peter has built a life around surfing ever since he discovered the sport. In fact, this is one of the reasons he became a digital nomad and set up shop in the Canary Islands, where he started one of the first co-working spaces on the archipelago. I'll let you discover what Peter got up to over there and how he's now built a business that revolves around surfing.

“The perfect combination for me is to combine the ocean and the mountains and if I have enough of these two, my life is in perfect balance.” -Peter Fabor

Today Peter runs a successful incentive travel agency called, Surf Office and is creating tools and trips for teams that are either spaced out geographically or too busy to get to know each other and build an effective work relationship. In fact, Peter’s business is even more relevant today, where the number of remote workers is on an exponential rise. In this episode, Peter shares a few tips for genuine team-building and talks about his other side hustle, Surfpreneurs Club. It's an online community for surf-related businesses that he's developing. And we also get to talk about Peter’s second passion, which is building Tiny Homes.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Take care, have fun, and enjoy the waves.



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  • 03:50 “The perfect combination for me is to combine the ocean and the mountains and if I have enough of these two, my life is in perfect balance.” -Peter Fabor
  • 15:18 “Any agency can organize a retreat anywhere around the world. But you are not sure how the experience is going to be.” -Peter Fabor
  • 16:56 “If you are doing one thing again and again, then you master it.” -Peter Fabor
  • 39:07 “Why would you go somewhere where you cannot surf?” -Peter Fabor
  • 39:16 “Surfing is some way to meditate… Meditation is being in the water and waiting for waves.” -Peter Fabor


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