Pot Calling the Kettle Shaq


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It’s the Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker! Kelvin Washington is in for Rob today and he’s here to help Chris bring you the best sports takes of the day. The guys kick things off today asking you if Baker Mayfield can lead the Browns to a season the city of Cleveland can actually be proud of. Nick Saban has gone public saying that college players shouldn’t be allowed to transfer as easily and Chris and Kelvin discuss the hypocrisy in Saban’s stance. Shaquille O’Neal has come out saying that he would not join a super team in today’s league, the guys give their thoughts on the Big Aristotle’s comments and the aftermath of a league without super teams. Listen to the guys takes on the Sixer’s future, Chris Paul’s standing in the league, and much more today on The Odd Couple! Appearances from former NBA Champion Eddie House, and FOX Sports Radio overnight host Ben Maller.
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