OFI 334: How To Become A Consultant In Four Years | FFA SAE Edition | Jonathan Russo | West Hill High School, Stamford FFA Chapter

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SHOW NOTES INTRODUCING JONATHAN RUSSO! Have you ever wondered how you become a consultant? How about how long does it take to become one? Our guest today just graduated high school and is getting ready to start college. Over the last four years he explored an interest he had in hydroponics. He started out doing a research SAE, finding out how it works. Then he started growing food for himself with his own system. Soon he was selling equipment to other people who wanted to do the same. Over the four years Jonathan grew his reputation and started installing systems and repairing systems for people in his area. As he became more recognized expert people started to call him for consultation on how to build their own system and make it work. That is how you become a consultant in just four years! That is how he started Fairfield County Hydroponics. Jonathan hopes to expand his business beyond his county, to his whole state. Then all the way across the country. Those plans are on temporary hold as he starts college. But he is going to start developing that nationwide reputation from his dorm room by writing all about hydroponics. This is a great story! SUPERVISED AGRICULTURAL EXPERIENCE: Hydroponics Sales And Consulting HIGH SCHOOL: Westhill High School, Stamford FFA Chapter; Stamford, Connecticut MASCOT: Vikings FFA ADVISOR: Danielle Jeffries CONTACT INFORMATION FOR JONATHAN RUSSO: Click on the picture below to be taken to the Westhill High School Ag. Department's website: Jonathan's FFA Advisor's Email Address: DJeffries@stamfordct.gov Westhill High School's Telephone Number: (203) 977-4838 FFA LINKS: National FFA Organization Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE's) Support FFA Donate to FFA - One way that FFA students are able to start small businesses is through an FFA grant of $1,000. In 2014, 141 FFA students received these grants. With your donations, more students can get this head start - pay it forward. REASONS TO DONATE TO FFA: Only 2% of Americans grow and raise most of the food and livestock consumed by the other 98% as well as the rest of the world. FFA is providing the needed education, training and resources to Americans that will carry that torch forward and insure that America continues to have inexpensive, quality food. Rural Communities will rely on entrepreneurship in the future for population growth and job creation. The FFA is a major catalyst to that entrepreneurial growth. Farmers, ranchers and those working in agriculture give the rest of America incredible amounts of freedom because the search for food is as simple as going to the grocery store: "Because American farmers are able to provide for so many of us, they give more and more of us the freedom to pursue goals and livelihoods beyond growing the food we need to survive." U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack Other Places You Can Listen To Us: D&B Supply Show LISTEN TO US ON SATELLITE RADIO! WE ARE CONTRIBUTORS TO "FFA TODAY" ON RURAL RADIO SIRIUS XM CHANNEL 147! "FFA Today" airs on Rural Radio Sirius XM Channel 147 Saturdays at 7:30 AM Eastern and Sundays at 6:30 PM Eastern. Please let RURAL RADIO know that you like hearing us on their channel! Here is how to contact them and leave feedback: Email: zacht@rfdtv.com Website: RuralRadio147.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/RURALRADIO147

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