#011: How to Keep Royalty Owners Lovin’ the Oil Bidness with Keith Mauck of WeeklyShale.com


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We’re told royalty owners hate the oil business. But Keith Mauck found 90% would gladly lease their land again. We discuss why and how to keep it that way.

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90% of royalty owners are either very likely or likely to lease their property again. – @KeithMauck (tweet this)

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Keith Mauck on Why Royalty Owners Love the Oil Business and How to Keep it That Way

James Hahn II: Joining the Tribe on the podcast this week is Keith Mauck. He is the Founder of American Energy Communications, which is a publisher of websites and tools that center around the shale industry and mineral ownership. The company’s mission is the educate and connect mineral owners and industry professionals.

Since 2008, his websites have reached over 42,000 registered users across all 50 states. And those include GoHaynesvilleShale.com, GoMarcellusShale.com, EagleFordForum.com, ShaleForum.com, and WeeklyShale.com. And also, if that’s not enough, his writing has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, Times of Trenton, Virginia Pilot, and Washington Times.

Keith Mauck, welcome to The Oil & Gas Digital Marketing Podcast, thank you for joining us!

Keith Mauck: Hey James, thanks for having me. I’m glad the move went well for you, and welcome to the East Coast.

James Hahn II: Thank you very much. I’m having a blast and am very happy I can get back to Texas in just about 2 hours, and just about 2 hours to a trade show or a client’s office door-to-door. So I’m very fired up about that. And the warm weather doesn’t hurt either.

So, the reason I wanted to have you on this week is because you just had published in the Washington Examiner, is that right?

Keith Mauck: That’s right, yes. It’s a DC-based newspaper.

James Hahn II: The title here “Royalty owners see fracking up close and like what they see”. That’s not the general thing you hear about fraccing and royalty owners. So what kind of wicked tale are you spinning here, Keith Mauck?

Keith Mauck: Well, you know we’ve had the website now for going on 6 years. I still can’t believe it’s been 6 years since we first started GoHaynesvilleShale.com. And over those 6 years I’ve interacted with thousands of royalty owners; I’ve had the pleasure.

We wanted to learn more about what they thought, what their issues were with the industry generally speaking in terms of being a royalty owner. So we decided to do the pole and get a feel for, “What do the people who are closest to the drilling besides the engineers and rig hands, what do those people think of the industry?” And is it good? Is it bad? Is it somewhere in the middle? I really wasn’t sure what I would find because often times on the sites the loudest voice rises to the top. And sometimes that’s a negative voice, and sometimes that’s a positive voice. It was a mystery to me even though we’ve been doing the sites for a while what we would find out.

So we did a sampling of 2,200 people across our networks and asked them 10 questions or so. Some of the results were predictable and some were surprising. I think the 90% figure was rather surprising — surprisingly high. And pleasantly so.

James Hahn II: We were talking about that before we got on the call here. Can you give us a little background on the 90% figure? What is that all about?

Keith Mauck: Basically, we asked a question, “In taking account for all of the issues that you’ve come across, all of the challenges that you’ve dealt with in terms of the leasing process and drilling on your property; would you lease your property all over again if you could do it over?”

90% either said they were very likely or likely to lease their property again. So that is the background on that question. 90% were pleased enough to do it all over again if they had to.

(complete transcript coming soon)

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