Episode 27: Megan Rapinoe


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As a soccer superstar, Megan Rapinoe is beloved and admired worldwide. But as her millions of fans know, it's not just because of what she does on the pitch. A well known activist, she has been outspoken and a leading voice on several topics like salary payscales, gender inequality, and police brutality. She has also written a book titled "One Life" detailing her experiences in these particular areas, and in this episode she sits down with JJ and Tommy to discuss all of that and more. To cap it off, they all dig into a Top 5/Draft that will surely leave your mouth watering.


  • Megan discusses her motivation behind writing her new book
  • Was it difficult to truly open up during the writing process
  • On her and Sue's tweets that broke the internet
  • Reflecting on this personal wave of good fortune that she is presently​ experiencing
  • Does she ever take a step back to recognize her legacy
  • What motivates her to keep competing
  • When did she learn how to focus as a professional
  • Is it difficult to compartmentalize her life
  • Breaking down the pay scale/inequality issue in women's soccer
  • Undertanding how the players fighting for equal pay today will likely never see the benefits in their careers
  • Did she fully understand/expect the backlash of siding with Colin Kaepernick
  • Discussing inequality in sports in general
  • Has she ever second guessed herself and does she feel vindicated now
  • On being keenly aware of the noise around her and the release of running through it to win it all
  • How can the World Cup fandom translate over to the domestic league
  • What play or moment stands out the most in her career
  • TOP 5/Draft

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