302: Reba Riley on Post Traumatic Church Syndrome


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Reba Riley is a blogger, artist, and healer. She travels the world speaking about transformation, courage, health, and healing. Her book, Post Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing, is the topic of discussion in this episode. You will be moved and inspired by Reba’s story. As it turns out, kindness, love, and bravery really are some of the most powerful forces to harness for healing and hope and that’s what she discovered as she explored 30 religions before she turned 30 and battled a deep depression in the years following.

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In This Interview, Reba Riley and I Discuss Post Traumatic Church Syndrome, and …

  • Her book, Post Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing
  • Her chronic illness
  • Facing her anger and bitterness
  • 30 religions before she turned 30
  • Life being grey when religions answers are often black and white
  • That love is bigger than everything
  • Love healing us and bringing us together
  • Her mothers love through her journey
  • That wherever she found love (in the 30 religions) she found God
  • How love and forgiveness have to start in each of us
  • Looking past beliefs and differences and judgments to find the love that exists
  • If love rolled up her sleeves and put on her work boots, kindness is what would happen
  • Kindness is the action, the outpouring, the verb – of love
  • Kindness is love made visible
  • Her battle with dark, debilitating depression
  • Feeling like she had no reason to do anything, no will to live
  • Using kindness to battle depression
  • How she did 5000 random acts of kindness over 18 months and it saved her life
  • The story she hasn’t told anywhere else about her relapse of depression
  • The alchemy of kindness to transform your pain
  • Couraging = brave as a verb

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