325: Special Episode: How to Work From Home


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As the COVID-19 pandemic intensified earlier this week, Eric reached out to several previous guests of the show to ask them if they would be willing to talk with him for a special edition of The One You Feed Podcast. They all generously agreed at a moment’s notice and this episode is the result. These mini-interviews are with 4 experts on the subject of human behavior and Eric talks with each of them about how we might go about structuring our time, environment and mindset on living and working from home. These are all new conversations with previous guests, David Kadavy Charlie Gilkey, Chris Bailey, and Liz Fosslien

You can find all of the most up to date crisis help & support resources that Eric is making available through The One You Feed by going to www.oneyoufeed.net/help

In This Episode, We discuss…

  • How to set boundaries for yourself in your time, space, and mind
  • The Pomodoro Method
  • Ways to divide your physical space for work
  • Setting up mental boundaries to get into and out of a work mindset
  • Misdiagnosing distractions when they’re actually challenges of competing priorities
  • Pre-work, lunchtime, and post-work routines
  • Making your environment work for you
  • That your environment matters more than your willpower over the long term
  • How to be productive while in crisis mode
  • Replacing your commute-to-work time with self-care activities
  • Best practices for consuming the news while working from home
  • How it’s ok to feel feelings during this difficult time
  • Best practices for managing people
  • Deciding the next day’s priorities at the end of the previous day
  • Not letting praise be something that gets lost while working virtually
  • Emotionally proof-reading your messages before sending

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