400: Chris Bosh on Playing the Inner Game


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Chris Bosh is a NBA Hall of Famer, eleven-time All Star, two-time NBA Champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist. Chris had his playing days cut short in their prime by a freak medical condition but he hasn’t let that stop him.

In this episode, Eric and Chris discuss his book, Letters to a Young Athlete.

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In This Interview, Chris Bosh and I Discuss Playing the Inner Game and …

  • His book, Letters to a Young Athlete
  • What inspired him to write this book
  • The way his career ended and the surprising impact it had on his soul
  • How your “what” can be taken away but your “why” cannot
  • Digging in and getting to your deeper why
  • The role of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations
  • The difference between ego and confidence
  • How he handles criticism
  • The context and impact of daily habits

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