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Grace Schireson is president of Shogaku Zen and received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. She founded two practice centers and a retreat center under the Central Valley Zen Foundation.

In this episode, Eric and Grace discuss her book, Naked in the Zendo: Stories of Uptight Zen, Wild-Ass Zen, and Enlightenment Wherever You Are

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In This Interview, Grace Schireson and I Discuss Practical Zen and

  • Her book, Naked in the Zendo: Stories of Uptight Zen, Wild-Ass Zen, and Enlightenment Wherever You Are
  • How we need to recognize our ego
  • The importance of seeing our existence within the large space of awareness
  • “WITBOW” (Wishing It To Be Otherwise) is a formula for suffering
  • The essential koan “When nothing will do, what will you do?
  • Awareness is recognizing your true self and your connection to the entire universe
  • Mindlessness is just pure awareness and no ownership
  • The 4 stages of developing awareness
  • The important lesson of making mistakes often and publicly

Grace Schireson Links:

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