403: Valerie Mason-John on Recovery Through Buddha's Teachings


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Dr. Valerie Mason-John is a public speaker and master trainer in the field of conflict transformation, leadership and mindfulness. Valerie is the award-winning author of 8 books, and the co-author and co-founder of Eight Step Recovery: Using The Buddha’s Teaching to Overcome Addiction. Since its publication, it has won the Best USA Book Award 2014 and Best International Book Award 2015 in the self-motivational and self-help category.

In this episode, Eric and Valerie discuss: Eight Step Recovery: Using the Buddha’s Teaching to Overcome Addiction

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In This Interview, Valerie Mason-John and I Discuss Recovery Through Buddha’s Teaching and …

  • Their book, Eight Step Recovery: Using the Buddha’s Teaching to Overcome Addiction
  • Their history of addiction to drugs, alcohol, and disordered eating
  • Their traumatic history leading to multiple addictions
  • Thinking of expansive values at the center of our lives
  • How addiction is an adaptive behavior to soothe ourselves
  • The first 3 steps of their recovery process are based on the 4 noble truths
  • How we can’t avoid pain, but we can learn to avoid suffering
  • How we can become addicted to our “stinking thinking”
  • Meditation helps regulate the central nervous system
  • What it means to seek refuge in dealing with addiction
  • How the Buddha achieved freedom from the prison of the mind
  • Dharma teachings that point us to the truth and freedom
  • The benefit of Sangha or community in overcoming addiction

Valerie Mason-John Links:

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