405: Jonah Sachs on Unsafe Thinking


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Jonah Sachs is an author, speaker, and viral marketing trailblazer who helped spur the 21st-century values revolution, which brought the ideas of social change to the forefront of business and popular culture. Jonah’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, NPR, and many others. He also pens a column for Fast Company, which named him one of today’s 50 most influential social innovators.

In this episode, Eric and Jonah talk about the ways he encourages and challenges us to think differently in an effort to bring forth important social change.

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In This Interview, Jonah Sachs and I Discuss Unsafe Thinking and …

  • His book, Unsafe Thinking: How To Be Nimble and Bold When You Need It Most
  • His organization “One Project” and its important mission
  • How his unique storytelling approach creates a compelling narrative for important social change
  • What individuals can do to contribute to change
  • The radical act of volunteering more and working for pay less
  • The safe thinking cycle is relying on your old patterns of thinking
  • What fear and stress do in our brain
  • Learning to use fear as a way to empower yourself
  • How stepping out into the uncomfortable zones is what leads to change
  • Motivational synergy is about focusing on both the intrinsic motivational factors and extrinsic motivation to keep it going
  • Creative work and understanding the trap of intuition
  • Cultivating intuition by continuing to explore new ideas and ways of thinking
  • How redefining problems can lead to new solutions

Jonah Sachs Links:

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