Peter Szabo: How an 18-year-old Slovakian Millionaire Grew His Online Empire


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Peter Szabo was forced to become an entrepreneur at 11 years old. In a few years Peter went from not being able to afford a Nike shoe to quitting school, travelling the world and making a fortune as a teenager.

Peter’s been publicly endorsed by a man worth over half a BILLION and he’s been featured as the #1 success story on national news for making ONE HUNDRED TIMES the average national monthly salary as a 17-year-old kid. That is not a typo. Peter generated nearly 10 YEARS worth of income in a single month and was immediately considered a millionaire in his home country – Slovakia.

Peter’s mission is to travel the world, meet, teach, inspire people, and do the impossible.

Some of his accomplishments include making $13,000 in 7 days at 13 years of age. At 14, Szabo won a national guitar contest and at age 17 he not only wrote a #1 Amazon best-selling book but he also finally quit high school and as he states, “It was one of my best decisions in life”.

He opened LEADEVO PTE. LTD. in 2015 under his mom’s name, as Peter was yet to be of legal age.

Before Peter turned 18, his business was already generating over 6 figures per year and ended hiring 6 employees. Although many people consider Peter a prodigy, he claims there’s nothing special about putting in 7 years of hard work and reaping some well deserved rewards.

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