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Today's guest is Meredith Masony, you know her from her widely successful YouTube channel, IG, Blog, all of which have a massive following.

Meredith had been sick for months, always turned away as the picture of health. When finally she demanded an endoscopy and what they found turned her world upside down. At 34 years old with three children under the age of 8, she had encountered her own mortality.

"While sitting in bed crying a week before the surgery I took inventory of my life. I married my soulmate and blessed with three children, but I had not left my mark on this world. Becoming a mother left me with no idea who I was. After my surgery I awoke to three amazing words. My husband leaned over and said, “It’s not cancer.” At that moment I vowed to find myself and make my mark. My blogging adventure began in October of 2014 when I created That’s Inappropriate, for parents just like me. "

Her first video went wildly viral, and her brand has been on fire ever since.

In this episode she shares her story, the secret to her success, how to maintain longevity in a very competitive market, how everyone's opinions don't bother her and the future of ALL "That's Inappropriate".

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