Arnold V Strong of Unify Earth: Humanitarian Aid, Block Chains and Rebuilding The Bahamas


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Arnold Strong is a Humanitarian, Communications Strategist, Management Consultant and a Visionary who serves on several Veteran focused Non-Profits to help human kind around the world. He is also a retired army officer.
Arnold is the communication's director of Unify Earth, a company who is setting out to essentially, help rebuild entire infrastructures in the country of the Bahamas dues to the results of Hurricane Irene. Their approach is unique, but the feel it is one that will set the standard for future locations, world wide. All via personal, and Eco friendly block chains and crypto-currency.
In this episode we discuss the following.

  1. What is a block chain.
  2. What is Crypto- Currency exactly?
  3. The possible future of human infrastructure and banking systems.
  4. The progressing efforts of humanitarian aid.
    Plus much more, enjoy as this is a very informative and educational episode!

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