Jerri Williams Retired FBI Agent is on a Mission to Tell the World Who the FBI is and What They Do


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Jerri Williams is a 26 year veteran of the FBI. During her career she worked in financial crimes, and handled some very major cases.

These days, in her own words, she is "Living out her glory days" telling the world what the FBI does, writing crime novels. and hosting a weekly podcast with some very historic and popular case agents, from our American History and writing a weekly blog discussing the hit TV Series, FBI by Dick Wolf!

In this episode, we talk about the following.

1. How Jerri Discovered the FBI

2. What the Recruiting Process Looks Like

3. What Can the FBI Can and Can't Do

4. Film and Television Cliche's

5. Her True Crime Novel Series

6. Her Weekly FBI TV Series Blog

7. Her Podcast

Plus a lot more! You can learn more about Jerri below, listen to her podcast and pick up all of her amazing books!

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