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Wrist pain during push-ups and planks? They shouldn't be. In this episode, we'll break down the common wrist diagnoses and help guide you into what you can start doing to hopefully help relieve some of those symptoms! Then, we get into an insightful interview with our friend, Amanda Rocchio, more commonly known as MeowMeix on Instagram. After recovering from anorexia, Amanda dove into nutrition to learn how to start truly fueling her body. Through the process, she's become an expert in nutrition and meal prep. She currently helps educate millions of people all over the world on easy ways to start prepping food and understanding complex nutrition.

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What You Will Learn:

PT Pearl: Why You're Having Wrist Discomfort

00:46 - Common diagnoses related to the wrist and why they develop

03:00 - How to check your wrist support and mobility

07:28 - Passive and active stretches to help with your wrist mobility

10:35 - What your wrist problems may be a product of - How nerves come into play

13:38 - Why being active in your entire body is important

To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: https://youtu.be/cBJDCB_31c0

Interview with Amanda Rocchio: @meowmeix

18:07 - Amanda’s Introduction and her nutrition background

20:21 - Why Amanda began sharing nutrition content and dedicating her life to healthier eating

22:47 - How Amanda got help for her eating disorder - Her journey with it

28:55 - What “healthy living” looks like

30:56 - What oils are good and bad for your diet and why - Omega 3 and 6 explanation

33:03 - Food language and its importance

35:19 - What “balance” looks like in your everyday foods

38:25 - Some steps to get you started on meal prepping - How to address possible failure

41:42 - Some healthy food tips to keep in mind

43:45 - Some of Amanda’s protein rich food recommendations

45:55 - How Amanda stays knowledgeable on healthy foods and nutrition

About Amanda Rocchio:

Amanda Meixner is a meal prep maven, nutrition guru, and social media influencer living in Los Angeles, California. After struggling with an eating disorder in high school, she realized that being healthy was about fueling your body with the right foods, not starving yourself. From that point onward, she started educating herself on all things nutrition and began crafting her innovative meal prep techniques. Today, Amanda inspires more than 1 million followers every day with her simple recipes, healthy swaps, words of encouragement, and hacks for maintaining a healthy diet.

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