OAP 168 : The 27 Biggest Options Trading Fears


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Did you know that fear has nothing to do with logical or cognitive reasoning? It's actually a completely physical response that originates in our body. We fear to be wrong because that might mean we will be alone and people will leave us, which means that we won't be part of a tribe or community, which means it'll be dangerous and we might die. Okay, that's extreme but taken to its logical conclusion we fear because of conditioning we've had as humans for thousands of years to survive on a physical level. As options traders, we have fears about trading that manifest in dozens and dozens of ways. Today, as we circle the Halloween season, I wanted to tackle the 27 biggest options trading fears that we hear in our community. And, more importantly, how to overcome and conquer these fears. Just saying them out loud and talking through them together might just be what you need to set yourself free and on the right path as a trader.

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