Bottoming Out the Universe - Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing


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Show Page: Alternate Listening link: "Bottoming Out the Universe: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing?" .... My conversation tonight with anthropologist and publisher, Richard Grossinger, will attempt -- in this extraordinary time -- to grapple with questions appropriate to this Extraordinary Time-- Examples: "What’s the relationship between an objective physical universe and our subjective experience of it? That’s the big one: we and it, self and other, consciousness and matter ...." "Why do major cosmological questions have multiple contradicting answers? Are we searching for the right question to ask of the Universe rather than the right answer?" "Most scientists view the Universe as real but meaningless, whereas many spiritual systems consider it, to some degree, unreal but meaningful. How might meaningfulness or soul expression be generated by ego existence?" And, one of those Big Ones: "Could the Universe, in fact, be a computer simulation?" And, last but not least-- "Why are different, yet equally intelligent observers -- watching the unfolding of a Planetary Crisis unprecedented in our time -- arriving at precisely opposite conclusions regarding the physical reality of the global Covid-19 situation?" Join us .... Richard C. Hoagland​

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