Is There A Scientific “5G/Covid-19 Connection?”


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Show Page: Alternate Listening: I think the story of the "thousands of blackbirds, 'coincidentally' falling out of the skies over Amsterdam -- when a 5G experiment was suddenly turned on ..." several years ago, was my first major heads-up that "something might be fundamentally wrong with 5G." But, attempting to find objective scientific information on the long-term health effects of the coming "5G revolution," is a little like trying to find an honest politician in Washington: You know there must be some .... How, in the maze of blatantly contradictory "information" spread across the Internet, can a layman possibly know who's telling us the truth about the safety of "5G?" Well ... as my grandmother used to say, "If you don't know your furs ... know your furrier." Meet Dr. Beverley Rubik ... our "furrier" tonight -- in the "wild and woolly world of 5G ...." Join us ... as we uncover a bizarre, scientific "5G Connection -- between Covid-19 ... and 5G!" Richard C. Hoagland

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