Mask Charade


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Show Page: Alternate Listening: Every week we intuit, brainstorm, dream-up and select an appropriate title that not only conveys events occurring in the world at large - but also reflect those from our own life experiences… This week we choose the title - Mask Charade. Well what does that mean ? I honestly believe we have reached the point where many people no longer understand the meaning behind the language they use - and the power and influence these words have upon us – they are like reigns, blinkers, bit and whip - in the hands of the horseman that trained us at school… To come directly to the point there is growing evidence, despite increasing wholesale censorship of the TRUTH, the New REGULATIONS, that accompany the New Normal, are not based on fact but on Pretense, Lies, Fear Mongering, Exploitation and Manipulation of the Truth - Amplified by the Hoar-like Media and Defined by our mostly Inept Sycophantic Governments… Join Us Tonight to explore this topic.

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