122: Believe in Plenty, and Believe in Enough with Georgia Lee Hussey, Founder + CEO of Modernist Financial


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Georgia Lee Hussey is the Founder and CEO of Modernist Financial, a B Corp wealth management firm dedicated to helping progressive people structure their wealth around their values. Her mission is to build a world where smart, creative people feel permission to enjoy today while providing a stable financial base for our common future. Before launching Modernist, Georgia worked for national and local financial firms as a CFP. Prior to working in finance, she was a sculptor and writer.

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Questions Answered in this Episode

· Who is Georgia, and what does her business do?

· What motivated Georgia to start her own business?

· What does Georgia want you to know about financial planning?

· How does Georgia empower LGBTQ communities?

· How can you get in touch with Georgia and her business?

Resources Shared in this Episode

· Visit the Modernist Financial Website

· Follow Modernist Financial on LinkedIn

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