142: Mix Business with Pleasure with Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin, Founders of Husbands That Cook


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Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin are two husbands that cook together in a small kitchen in a house on a hill in Eagle Rock, California. They met in 2001 in a recording studio where Ryan was singing with a jazz choir and Adam was the engineer. They fell in love, and five years later were married. Since its inception in 2015, their blog, Husbands That Cook, was a finalist for Saveur magazine’s Best How-To Cooking Blog Award (2016) and a Taste Talks Awards Nominee for Best Food Blog (2017). When they’re not cooking, they love being in nature, hiking, and spending time in their garden. Adam is also a musician, and one of the founding members of indie rock band The 88. Ryan sings classical music and acts in TV shows and commercials. Visit www.husbandsthatcook.com to learn more.

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Questions Answered in this Episode

· Who are Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin, and what does their business do?

· What motivated Ryan & Adam to start-up their business?

· How did Ryan & Adam’s professional backgrounds influence their entrepreneurial origin story?

· How do Ryan & Adam empower LGBTQ communities through their business?

· How can you get in touch with Ryan & Adam and their business?

Resources Shared in this Episode

· Visit the Husbands That Cook website

· Get a copy of the Husbands That Cook cookbook

· Follow the Husbands That Cook Instagram

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