OH 7: Confronting the Realities of Entrepreneurship and the Loneliness Epidemic


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During this week’s Office Hours, we take a candid look at the entrepreneurial loneliness epidemic. In truth, breaking out as an entrepreneur is a singular position where you’re working long hours, and making incredible sacrifices. Allon and I unpack these realities and offer some of our own strategies to bust out of our collective isolation. It’s our hope we can shine a light on the entrepreneurial shadow side and offer support to connect you with our dynamic community of Out Bosses.

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Questions Answered in this Episode

· What does the research say about entrepreneurship & loneliness?

· How does decision-making fatigue & remote working impact loneliness?

· Why do entrepreneurs feel the pressure to inflate how great and amazing their lives and businesses are?

· What role do family and friends play in relationships to entrepreneurship & loneliness?

· What happens when you hit the notorious “entrepreneurial wall,” and how do you recover?

· What are the strategies to reconnect with ourselves, supportive entrepreneurs and our friends and family?

Resources Shared in this Episode

· Inc., What You Can Do About the Loneliness Epidemic

· Forbes, It Is Time We Acknowledged Loneliness in Entrepreneurs

· Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurs Reversing the Loneliness Trend

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