Overcast 139: The Crystal Ball That Lied by G.B. Burgess


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The Crystal Ball That Lied by G.B. Burgess. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. Featuring an afterword recorded by G.B. Burgess. #fantasy #fortune #darkfantasy

A replica of Dancer pirouetted across my surface, her jewels and clothing shimmering with each movement. Dancer sobbed as she looked upon her likeness. Tears fell. They splashed on me and I swallowed them. They were bland compared to blood but were better than dust.

“I knew I’d be famous.” Dancer pushed coins across the table and rushed from the cabin.

“Another happy customer.” Witch left the table to light more candles, killing the eeriness. She returned to stroke my surface. “Crystal, my love, what dark event did you hide this time? There’s always something.”

With Dancer’s blood still sticky against my souls, I once again reached into the future, snagging the same event I’d shown Dancer, but widened the view. This time I showed her performing in a dirty tavern, surrounded by drunken men. One at a time she stripped garments until she danced naked.

GB Burgess is a writer from Tasmania, Australia. Her work is forthcoming in the Lane Cove Literary Award Anthology, and has appeared in On the Premises, Daily Science Fiction and Fabula Argentea. When not writing, she spoils her rescue kitties, neglects her devoted husband, and extreme doodles (that’s drawing without talent). Find out more at gbburgesswrites.wordpress.com.

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