The Decision to Call Them, “Mom & Dad” | Whitney Gilliard


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A decision had to be made. She said, “After being a foster for a little while, you just start wondering, ‘I want a family… I want to feel like I belong …’ You’re pushed to these strangers home and it didn't feel right to not know what to call them. I didn't want to call them, ‘uncle’ or ‘auntie’… They didn't feel like an ‘uncle’ or ‘auntie’… I knew that these people could potentially be really good for me in my life. That’s when I thought, ‘Maybe I should ask if I can call them Mom & Dad…’” Do you remember the first time you called your parental figures, “Mom & Dad”? How did you feel after saying those words? A set of questions that may be difficult for some, if not most of us to recall, but for Whitney, it’s a memory she’ll never forget. What type of role have your parents played in your life? If given one word to describe either of your parents, what would that word be? EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: On Foster Care: “Bloom where you are planted” On Trust: Take one-step at a time On Adversity: Know who you are On Self-Worth: You are worth it

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