4: Jump, the next decade is here. With Nikesh Shukla.


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This week I had a lovely time talking to the writer, screenwriter, editor, broadcaster and all-round force for good, Nikesh Shukla. Nikesh edited the best-selling essay collection The Good Immigrant, has since co-founded The Good Journal and The Good Literary Agency and is the host of the Brown Baby podcast. He has also written a beautiful book - part memoir, part manifesto - also called Brown Baby all about fatherhood, race, grief and the world as we know it (and want to change it). Nikesh talked to me all about being a dad, work, race and stress-eating crisps.
Follow Nikesh on Twitter at @NikeshShulka https://twitter.com/nikeshshukla; on Instagram at @nikeshshuklawriter https://www.instagram.com/nikeshshuklawriter/?hl=en. Subscribe to the Brown Baby podcast https://play.acast.com/s/brown-baby or visit his website http://www.nikesh-shukla.com/
I also had the pleasure of talking to the psychotherapist and life coach Dan Little about how so many of our Panic Years decisions become intertwined with our attitudes to work, career and success. As well as how to navigate this crunch time without getting completely crunched.
Follow Dan Little at Trenpa Therapy: https://trenpatherapycentre.co.uk/find-a-therapist/dan-little-psychotherapist-life-coach/

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