November 1, 2020 — Dr. Bruce Maccabee


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Gene and Randall welcome Dr. Bruce Maccabee. Over the years, he has investigated and reported on numerous sightings, including the Gemini 11 and Skylab 3 astronauts sightings, the famous McMinnville UFO photos of 1950, the 1978 New Zealand sightings, the 1986 Japan Airlines sighting, the Gulf Breeze sightings from 1987 to 1996, and the Mexican Air Force sighting of 2004. He was the first to obtain the secret FBI file on “flying discs,” wherein he found indisputable evidence that the Air Force withheld—some might say covered up—important UFO evidence from the American people. By chance, during the 1980s, his Navy work allowed him to establish a decade-long investigation of the CIA. The story of this investigation is published in his book "The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection: The Hidden UFO Activities of USA Intelligence Agencies."

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