TPJ 19: Ensure a Healthier Childhood for Your Kids with this FREE Resource 🙌


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For the first time in two centuries in America children are expected to have shorter life expectancies than their parents. Luckily there is a free resource available to almost everyone to help combat this statistic.

In the past 2 episodes we’ve been discussing major obstacles to independent play and what can be done about them. In episode 17 we discussed decluttering which addresses the environment as a hindrance to independent play. Then in episode 18 we outlined what strewing is which addresses dependency as a hindrance to independent play. The last major obstacle to independent play is time and there is one way of spending time that yields phenomenal gains!

In this episode you’ll discover a free, simple and healing practice to introduce into your flow as much as possible to ensure a healthy, vibrant and happy childhood for your’s what you’ll hear:

[6:21] The real threat to our children’s health

[9:32] A different type of medication

[11:17] You CAN do it!

[12:42] The challenge

[14:20] A total game changer

[16:18] The secret to healthier children 💪

[20:56] Going to get a little vulnerable here…

[23:46] Yes you CAN!

Remember, this week (or anytime) you are feeling overwhelmed at home and the kids seem stir crazy head outside and reap the benefits!

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