TPJ18: How to Influence Your Child Without the Use of Words


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Are you sabotaging your children’s behavior in subconscious ways, without even realizing it? You have a hidden power of influence that you may not even be aware of.

Think about the last time you were at an airport or bus station, did someone have to verbally tell you or physically show you what to do? Would you act the same way in an airport as you do in a church? Or do you feel really creative and expressive in either of those places? Chances are you behave very differently depending on the location you are in and do so without being explicitly told to do so.

In this episode you’ll discover a way to influence your children, your husband - even your own behavior - without the use of words. You can create more ease and flow in your life and reduce friction around day to day activities using this powerful tool. Here’s what you’ll hear:

[5:56] Stop feeling like a nag

[9:57] The hidden power that changes everything

[11:05] How our behavior is influenced without any words

[16:56] Use this to your advantage!

[18:43] Clutter creates chaos

[19:24] Items hold an energy (from a woo woo and a psychological perspective)

[22:52] Create cohesiveness

[23:41] Strewing!!! 🎉Spoiler Alert: You do NOT need more Toys!!

[28:14] Take it to the next level!

The things we see subconsciously trigger certain thoughts and associations in our mind which make us feel a certain way which make us behave a certain way. Are you using this to help you achieve the behavior you want to see?

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