The Parent's Lounge - Episode 13 - Carlos Alazraqui & Winnie Schrader


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Jason is left to helm the ship alone as Jamie is filming an episode of "Tacoma FD". Jason enlists two guests to help him out!
Winifred Schrader (Winnie, The Duchess of Darkness, PodCassie) is currently guest booker and co-producer for "The Family with Tom Barnard". Tom Barnard is one of the top radio personalities in the country based out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.


The Man of Five Thousand Voices - From Reno 911!, The voice of Rocco from Rocco's Modern Life, Fairly Oddparents, Animaniacs, Minions, Spongebob, and hundreds of others - Carlos Alazraqui!
The crew talks Parenting Fails, Favorite Children, The world of Cartoon Voices, and more!
Archie calls in from Scotland with another fantastic Scotch Tasting, Dave Schrader pops in impersonating Jamie, The real Jamie joins us as he finishes filming, and then drives home, all in another crazy episode.

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