Episode 207: Herder on Art Appreciation (Part Two)


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Continuing on Johann Gottfried von Herder's “The Causes of Sunken Taste among the Different Peoples in Whom It Once Blossomed” (1775), then moving to “On the Influence of the Belles Lettres on the Higher Sciences” (1781), “Does Painting or Music Have a Greater Effect? A Divine Colloquy” (1785), and and some of Critical Forests: Fourth Grove (written 1769). With guest rock god John "Jughead" Pierson. What grounds good taste in society? Can an aesthetic education ground abstract thought? What would such an education consist of? Which is more affecting, music or painting? Start with part 1, or get the Citizen Edition. Please support PEL! Sponsor: Get two months free of a vibrant online learning community at skillshare.com/PEL. Don't forget your 2019 PEL Wall Calendar, now with free domestic shipping!

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