NZ bishop elect Rev Jay Behan on leaving gracefully from an apostate denomination


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Minister of St Stephen’s Christchurch Jay Behan tells the heartbreaking story of leading his church away from the traditional Anglican Church in New Zealand and working to form a new Diocese for faithful Anglicans.

Jay Behan tells of his tearful resignation from the New Zealand Anglican Church’s General Synod, just hours after the Synod voted to abandon the teaching of Jesus on sexuality.

He recounts the months of anguish leading up to his and other New Zealand churches decisions to leave the now apostate church and of the support of Gafcon and Australians in forming a new diocese in NZ.
Check out the interview with new GAFCON Chair Foley Beach and General Secretary Ben Kwashi last week on The Pastor's Heart.
UPDATE 17.11.2019: Rev Jay Behan has been elected first bishop of the 'Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa/New Zealand' by the inaugural synod of the church.
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