Reviewing the Franklin Graham event with Sam Chan, Ross Ciano, Chris Bransdon and Dominic Steele


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Sam Chan, Ross Ciano, Chris Bransdon join Dominic Steele for a thought provoking discussion about the 'event evangelism’ of the Graham tour of Australia.
Their discussion focuses on the last night of the tour. They analyse the audience, music, mosh pit, sermon introduction, body and altar call.
Sam Chan is an evangelist with City Bible Forum and author of Evangelism in a skeptical world.
Ross Ciano is senior pastor of Marrickville Road Anglican Church.
Chris Bransdon teaches scripture in south west Sydney, is a member of Fairfield Anglican Church and works in the CBD.
Particularly they are reviewing the final night of Graham's Australian tour, held at the International Convention Center, Sydney.
Eternity Quote
Dominic Steele says, 'I want to give some context to a quote that appeared in Eternity news last week in relationship to Franklin Graham and Donald Trump, where I was quoted as saying, “Lie down with rats and you get up with fleas” '
'In January I gave a talk in a tough questions series on, ‘Does the bible reflect a patriarchal bias or does God value women and men equally?’ In that context I raised the Handmaid’s tale, #metoo, Donald Trump and evangelical American leaders who have given Trump’s immorality a free pass, including Franklin Graham. The quote is at 4:40.'
'I was very pleased with that talk and I don’t retreat from anything I said in that sermon. But importantly I wasn’t referring specifically to this fortnight’s missioning. Rather I was speaking more generally about Donald Trump and women, and the tragic free pass that Mr Trump has been given by so-called Evangelical leaders in the states (including Mr Graham). '
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