Evangelising the post secular who are turning to paganism with Peter Jones


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How to evangelise the post secularist, impacted by the growing rise of paganism?

Dr Peter Jones, Executive Director of truthXchange, is our guest this week. Since 1989, Jones has addressed “the New Age” and New Spirituality.

He’s the author of “Gospel Truth, pagan Lies: Can You Tell the Difference”, “Cracking DaVinci’s Code” and “The God of Sex: How Worldview Determines Sexuality.”

After 18 years serving in France, Peter Jones returned to an America which was “charged with new aged spirituality”. He spent the next several years understanding what the culture was saying about faith and equipping Christians to understand their own faith in light of this.

In today’s conversation with Dominic, Jones outlines the impact of post-secularism, which he defines as a form of “irrational spirituality” with right and wrong becoming merged. He gave an example from his own cab-ride to the Pastor’s Heart on how to bring up the gospel in response to an individual's personal experience.

Dominic will ask Jones about the conflict between Christianity and other cultural movements, as well as the debate on sexuality.

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