How to create a leadership pipeline - with Craig Hamilton


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Good leaders multiply disciple making ministry. And yet most of us would admit that our churches struggle with leadership development.

Author of ‘Wisdom in Leadership Development’ Craig Hamilton has lots of wisdom about how the average church can develop a leadership pipeline.

Craig serves as senior minister of Pitt Town Anglican Church. His book includes ten commandments for creating a leadership pipeline.

  1. Going from one layer to the next takes intentionality and specific training
  2. The goal isn’t to ‘level up’
  3. Being good at a ministry doesn’t mean you should advance up the pipeline
  4. Being awesome at one layer tells you nothing about whether you’ll be awesome at the next
  5. The behaviours that cause success at one layer will sometimes compromise it at the next
  6. Don’t skip layers
  7. The goal is not toe be optimally proficient in every skill at every layer
  8. The further along the pipeline you are the more things change
  9. The pipeline can get clogged at any level
  10. Life is often not as neat as the pipeline

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