PMS 2.0 139 - Michael Franzese, Life As A Made Man In The Mafia. Matt Rhule, Glover Quin & MORE


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On today’s show, Pat and the boys sit down with former Capo of the Colombo crime family, a man who spent a large majority of his life as a made man in the mafia, Michael Franzese. They chat about what it was like growing up in the mob and at what point did he make the decision he was going to get in the life. He chats about the different rackets he had his hands in and what he did to become a major earner for the Colombo crime family. They also cover what kind of involvement the mafia has had in sports gambling and if he recalls any of those situations. Michael also gives his thoughts on The Irishman as he was intimately involved in the situation and was close with many of the people involved in the story, and tells Pat and the guys which mafia movies, in his opinion, are most accurate to the way things really are. He also covers how he is still alive, what his time in prison was like and if he was given any special privileges, what some of his favorite nicknames of associates were, and he dives into how he turned his life around to put himself into the position he is currently in. This is one of the most fascinating and interesting conversations that you’ll ever hear and something you definitely don’t want to miss (2:27-57:23). Later, Head Coach of the Baylor Bears and potential college football coach of the year, Matt Rhule, stops by the show. Pat and Matt cover where his teams’ head is at heading into the Big 12 Championship against Oklahoma, what people should expect to be different about this upcoming game his mentality as a head coach and what he tries to instill in his players, and his relationship with his defensive coordinator, Phil Snow (1:00:55-1:16:26). Also included is a snippet of the conversation between Pat and former Pro Bowler and All-Pro for the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions, Glover Quin. They chat about Glover playing against Peyton Manning and how he had to learn how to disguise his coverage pre-snap because if he didn’t, Peyton would know exactly what he was doing and how to exploit it (1:16:28-1:19:55), and to close out the show, Pat breaks down his candidates for NFL Coach of the Year. Today is a great show, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

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