PMS 2.0 689 - Gronk Officially Retires, Deshaun Watson Settles, Dr. Myron Rolle, Elliotte Friedman, Ian Rapoport, & Dan Rapaport


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On today's show, Pat and the boys chat about the breaking news that Deshaun Watson is going to settle in 20 of his 24 current cases, and what impact that has on his upcoming punishment, and the breaking news that Rob Gronkowski has officially retired from the Buccaneers at age 33. Joining the program to chat about his new book, is former NFL player, Rhodes Scholar, Brain Surgeon at Harvard Medical Center, Dr. Myron Rolle, for an incredible conversation (16:59-46:02). Later, the preeminent NHL Insider, Elliotte Friedman joins the progrum to chat about the NHL Finals, what he's hearing about the offseason trade market, where Pasta is going, and much more (1:04:00-1:24:56). Later, Ian Rapoport joins the progrum to dive a little deeper into what Deshaun Watson settling means in a larger sense and if this will have an impact on the impending suspension for Watson (1:24:58-1:33:04). Lastly, PGA Insider for Golf Digest, Dan Rapaport joins the show to chat about where we're at right now with LIV versus the PGA Tour, and if the names are going to continue to move over (1:33:06-1:38:42). Make sure you subscribe to to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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