PMS 2.0 223 - MASSIVE Day For Our Company. You All Are The Absolute Best.


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On today's show, Pat breaks the news of PMI officially securing the bag and signing an exclusive partnership with FanDuel as the offices official bookmaker of choice. Pat recounts what it took to get to this moment and all the people who said he was making a massive mistake when he retired from the NFL in his prime to go work on the internet. Also joining the show is 18 year NFL veteran (17 as a QB, 1 as a practice squad TE), 3x Pro Bowler, and friend of the program, Matt Hasselbeck. Pat and Matt chat about Patrick Mahomes' deal and the amount of pressure that comes with that, Matt shares a few stories about Andy Reid as a coach during his time in Green Bay, they look ahead at the NCAA and NFL seasons and try to make sense of which will be able to go without a hitch, what the NFLPA and NFL negotiations will be like, and what Pat's teammates thought when he broke the news that he was going to retire (32:36-49:56). Next, Matt King, CEO of FanDuel joins Pat and the boys in studio to break down everything about the deal, take a deeper dive into legalized gambling and where it is going from here, what made PMI such an enticing option for FanDuel, and what the state of sports gambling is like in a world with COVID19 (51:38-1:12:59). Don't forget to send in a picture of where you're listening to the show with the hashtag #ThisIsWhereImAtPat for the chance to win some free merch. We can't thank you all enough for rocking with this. Without you, none of this is possible, and we thank you for letting us penetrate your ears daily. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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