PMS 2.0 224 - BIG Friday. Ariel Helwani, Andrew Brandt, & Handsome Josh McCown Stop By For Some Fantastic Conversation.


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On today’s show, Pat reacts to the news that the Ivy League has officially canceled their football season and whether or not he thinks this will have widespread ramifications for the rest of the NCAA. Pat and the boys also discuss an anonymous poll of 50 executives, coaches, and scouts for the top 10 QB’s currently in the NFL, and get excited for Tiger Woods’ announcing he will be playing in The Memorial. Joining the show is former Green Bay Packers executive VP of Finance, current VP of Vayner Sports, host of the Business of Sports podcast and friend of the program, Andrew Brandt. Pat and Andrew discuss the upcoming war between the NFLPA and NFL over this years salaries and what holding a percentage of their contracts in escrow really means. Andrew also gives his take on whether or not we’ll get an NFL season this year and how he’s not 100% confident that they’ll finish once it starts. Pat and Andrew also dive into the Patrick Mahomes contract, and why Andrew believes it is a very team friendly deal, how surprised he is that Mahomes was so accommodating, and whether or not he thinks QB’s like Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott will sign similar long term deals (6:31-21:37). Next, ESPN MMA Insider, Host of Ariel & The Bad Guy, DC & Helwani, and The People’s MMA Show, friend of the program, Ariel Helwani. Pat and Ariel chat about UFC 251 and how it isn’t actually being fought on the beach. Ariel breaks down how the main event of Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman was put into place, whether or not Masvidal signed a multi-fight extension, and who he thinks is going to win, plus Ariel previews the rest of the fight card and gives us a look at some of the most entertaining fights on the card, and lets us know whether or not he and Dana White still have beef (25:53-44:03). Lastly, 17 year NFL veteran at Quarterback, one of the most handsome humans on the planet, and friend of the program, Josh McCown joins the show. Pat and Josh discuss Patrick Mahomes’ deal and why they both think it’s refreshing to see a team and a player have that much faith and trust in one another, why he thinks Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are going to be successful no matter what, why veteran players won’t be missing the preseason, if he has decided on playing another year, and what he’s been doing to stay busy during the quarantine (45:58-1:02:58). Don’t forget to send in a picture of where you’re listening to the show with the hashtag #ThisIsWhereImAtPat for the chance to win some free merch from the store ( We appreciate you all so much for rocking with us. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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