113: Simulations and The Future of Freelancing - Cam Sadler - Founder of NewCraft - A Y-Combinator Startup


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A native of Texas, Cameron started his career as a senior IT project manager for a small business in Irving, Texas. During this time, he helped the business close over $5M in government contracts. He later went on to teach business and technology at a local high school and eventually co-founded GF-17, Inc. a software development agency. In 2016, he filed a U.S. patent and opened a 20,000 square-foot workspace for computer programmers. Today, he is Founder and CEO of NewCraft Technologies, a Y-Combinator backed startup building work simulations that make learning a new craft easy. Topics:
  • Work simulations and the freelance economy
  • How NewCraft can help you land freelance jobs through simulations and mentorship
  • How NewCraft can help cultivate talent pipelines for corporations
  • Work trends that impact you
  • The future of startup companies
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