My “8 Quick Tips” To Recoup The Cash In Your Clinic : Recession Proof Your Clinic | Episode 347


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In this podcast you will be listening to these 8 “cash saving tips” to help you for the coming recession… you don’t want to miss this episode

In the current Global Crisis, there’s two specific things that will play a crucial factor in protecting your PT business from the downturn and ensuring that you make it through the coming recession.

Those two things are:

1. Recouping the cash you’ve missed out on

2. How you market and communicate to patients when money is tight (during the recession)

Why are they both so important?

Well, the chances are you have used up some (if not all) of your cash reserves just trying to survive the INITIAL Covid-19 crisis. Which is why I have been rolling out “free tips” over the past week on my social media channels to help you recoup cash and market when times are tough…

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