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Last week I came across this pretty scary article on Twitter. The author, Matthew Miller, tells the story of how he got “SIM swapped” and lost access to his Twitter and Gmail accounts, had his personal files and documents from Google Drive deleted and $25,000 stolen from his bank account.

Most people I talk to are far too casual when it comes to protecting themselves and their data online. Either because they think “it won’t happen to me” or because taking steps to protect themselves is seen as too much of a chore.

The frustrating thing about this story is at the end, Matthew lists all the really simple things he did wrong that left him exposed.

In this episode, I’d like to list some simple things you can do to protect yourself and your data. I would view the following list as the bare minimum you should be doing. If you’re not following these guidelines, you could be putting your digital life at risk.

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