PMP #144: Work-life balance, self-care and morning routines with Megan Yelaney


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On the podcast this week I talk to Megan Yelaney who is a business coach and host of the Pretty Awkward Entrepreneur Podcast. I really enjoyed this interview and took away so many actionable tips of things I need to do or improve.

In this episode, we talk about:

  1. An introduction to Megan and her background (2:50)
  2. Why the barriers to starting an online business are so low (10:34)
  3. Common patterns around getting your business to "take off" (13:36)
  4. Using social media to get clients and build an online business (17:28)
  5. The importance of self-care, looking after number 1 and morning routines (21:55)
  6. Work-life balance and having enough time to enjoy life (36:50)
  7. Megan's recommended tools and team (44:49)
  8. What is something you'd like to START doing, something you'd like to STOP doing and something you need to KEEP doing (49:24)

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