2.13: Second Citadel--Lady of the Lake


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Special threats deserve special measures, and Queen Mira of the Second Citadel is a master of special measures. Enter Sir Caroline: a free radical knight, one of the Queen’s most capable and least trustworthy, and most likely the only hope the Second Citadel has of surviving the scourge of manipulative monsters that has plagued them for months.

Sir Caroline, newly-appointed Investigator-General of the Second Citadel, must assemble a team and head north, to the source from which these monsters flow. But they must be careful, because the village through which they’re passing has been struck by a terrible curse… and strange things lurk near the waters through which they must pass.

Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your journey.

(Trigger warnings can be found at the bottom of this episode description.)

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(Transcript by Avi Meehan and edited by Kevin Vibert.)

Trigger warnings:

  • Implied suicide/assisted suicide

  • Gore

  • Deception/gaslighting

  • Homophobia

  • Violence towards animals

-Depictions of severe illness

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