2.17: Juno Steel and the Time Gone By (Part 1)


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I do suggest you reconsider this particular destination, Traveler. Most places on Mars are dangerous, but the desert holds threats no human can survive. Radiation beats down from above, subterranean predators rumble below, and before you lies nothing but sand and heat and time.

And behind you… do you see that growing shadow in the distance, Traveler? It is always there. And depending on how you play your cards it may be your only way out… or the most dire threat of all.

Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your journey.

(Trigger warnings can be found at the bottom of this episode description.)

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On staff at the Penumbra:

Kat Buckingham -- Head of Merchandise and Outreach

Mikaela Buckley -- Promotional artist, Script editor

Alice Chuang -- Head of Design

Scott Galica -- Recording engineer

Sophie Kaner -- Co-creator, Head of Episode Development, Director, Sound designer

Noah Simes -- Production manager, Script editor

Grahame Turner -- Script editor

Kevin Vibert -- Co-creator, Head of Operations, Lead writer

Ryan Vibert -- Composer and performer of original music

This episode's cast: Chloe Cunha (Vespa), Sarah Gazdowicz (Buddy), Joshua Ilon (Juno), William Schuller (Rasbach), Alexander Stravinsky (Jacket)


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(Transcript by Avi Meehan.)


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Trigger Warnings: - Sudden loud noises - Depictions of xenophobia and classism - Slavery and forced incarceration - Gunfire and explosions - Alcohol use - Violence and threats of violence - Death - Claustrophobic spaces - Blood and gore - Depictions of extreme illness (both physical and mental) - Violence towards animal-like monsters

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