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My guest today is Leslie Crawford, author of Spring the Rescue Pig, a children’s book about the journey of a pig on his trip from industrial agriculture to a sanctuary, and Rory, the child who helps him along the way.


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Using that book and story as a starting place, Leslie and I talk about agriculture, food activism, parenting, and the lessons we as adults can learn from children.

Find out more about Leslie at LeslieCrawford.net. Sprig The Rescue Pig, published by Stone Pier Press, is distributed by Chelsea Green Publishing. You can purchase the book at ChelseaGreen.com or look for it wherever you buy books.

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I really like Leslie’s non-confrontational and non-judgemental tone to the story of Sprig, that shows us what is possible in expanding our relationships and connection to the natural world and other than human, in a beautiful way through Leslie’s expressive language and the delightful illustrations by Sonya Stangl.

If you are a parent of younger children, as I say somewhere in that 6 to 9 range, I recommend that you pick this up and start to share these stories and your values with your children. Gwen the Rescue Hen is now available for pre-order at stonepierpress.org.

What do you think of the story of Sprig? Are there other books you would recommend for permaculture parents for children? Let me know.

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From here, the next episode is an interview with Sara Bir, author of The Fruit Forager’s Companion, to talk about food, fruit, and foraging.

Until then, spend time connecting with any children in your life, and share with them your love of Earth, care for one’s self, and one another.

The Possibility Handbook Update
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