Jefferson's Bourbon (EP.30)


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Trey Zoeller - 8th Generation Master Blender and Founder of Jefferson’s Bourbon
Four brand facts/bullets:

  1. Jefferson’s pushes the boundaries of the definition of bourbon without bastardizing it, while always tipping our hat to tradition.
  2. Of the 19 Jefferson’s expressions, 17 do something more that what most distillers do, which is distill, age, cut to proof and bottle. We put more time, money and effort to massage the juice to taste what we are trying to achieve.
  3. We do most of our innovations with collaborators. i.e. Chris Fischer -Ocean. Cyril Chappellet-Pritchard Hill. Chef Ed Lee- Chef’s Collaboration.
  4. Transform corn get bourbon, transform bourbon get Jefferson’s.

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  2. Instagram: Jeffersonsbourbon
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